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Born in August 2019, AmicusX is now a team of full-time legal professionals who are striving hard to bring excellent and well researched legal information to the layman. Our expertise is to put forward complicated legal theories and concepts in simplified terms through blogs and articles. Our team consists of professionals possess knowledge across areas like banking, corporate, insolvency, criminal jurisprudence, policy-making, international legal framework, and cyber law.

AmicusX is an online legal service providing platform. In the wake of a situation where everybody is not in the position to consult lawyers and law firms, we step in. We provide pro-bono help to all those people who seek for legal help. Our “Chat Room” system allows the visitors to post their queries to us and we answer to them through our blogs on the requisite subject matter. With our expert team members, we make available to the world, the nuances of the legal system is simple yet well-researched write-ups.

AmicusX now steps in to form AmicusX Project for serving the society by putting across to you the various social projects through analysis of judgments and also any development in the social field. We also host fundraisers to help the needy of the society so that they can lead and give their families a better life.

AmicuX Project has already taken an active step by partnering with multiple groups of social workers to help the cause of the slum dwellers who have suffered all their life being denied their legal rights for the necessities of life. We are working to bring to them the quality of life that they have always deserved. Within our limited means, we are leaving no stone unturned to make this world a better place not just for me and you, but also for those who don’t have the means to read or understand what you are reading right now.

We just don’t stop there. We have collaborated with Udichi Sangha, a registered theatre group, to make a fundraiser. These funds will allow those who are less fortunate among the ones being provided with the state's help. Let’s make it simpler. Amphan, the super cyclone, ravaged world’s largest mangrove forest and also an UNESCO World Heritage Site (since 1997), the Sunderbans, to an extent that even after 3 weeks of the storm, roads are still deep dead in water, houses dilapidated and young futures at risk. So we are raising a fund for them. The best part is, we are venturing into that side of Sunderbans where even the State support does not reach, due to the inaccessibility.

If you want to help any cause and want to part of the community with the dream of making the society a better place for every child to grow up to an able human being.. send us an email at

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